When we think of website we generally tend to think in terms of the viewing it on a computer.  But in doing this we miss out on the mobile website view, looking at the website on your phone.  Over the last few years especially it has grown to be critical.

Here is why you should make mobile sites one of you top priorities:

  • Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites.  Since 2015 Google started listing websites that are more mobile friendly higher than those that aren’t.  So even if it is simply to list higher on the Google results (and hopefully higher than your competitors), being mobile friendly is critical.
  • It is where the majority of views come from.  Since about 2017/2018, more than 50% of internet traffic has been from phone, with 2019 sitting at about 54%.  That means that most of the views on your website is likely to be on someone’s phone or tablet, and if customers have a bad experience there, they will go somewhere else.
  • It helps build credibility.  As stated above, people expect a website to be mobile friendly, and failing to meet that expectation can cost to credibility and consumer confidence.
  • It is standard and best practice.  With the rise of modern frameworks and coding libraries, it has become really easy to create websites that not only look good on computer screens, but on the screens of your customers phones.  With most of them prioritizing a “mobile-first” approach. So there really isn’t any excuse not to have it
  • It is cheaper and easier than getting a mobile app.  With the right design your website should work just as good on a mobile devices as an app does, you can skip having a mobile app (or at least put it as a lower priority).  And the website can almost feel like it actually is an app (especially if you look at things like Progressive Web Apps).


    As you can see, the importance of having a mobile-friendly web application can not be overstated. Every quality website creation company, or individual, will keep the mobile experience in mind.  Which is also why we always check our websites against 3 standard sizes: desktop, mobile, and tablet.  And if you don’t think your website is mobile-friendly, it is time you talk to your website provider. Or better yet, contact us (info@keyandeagle.com), and you will know for sure that you are sorted.