It’s easy to become overwhelmed in the world of digital marketing. With so many things to consider in terms of your marketing plan, certain aspects can fall down the pecking order. A regular downfall of businesses is their inability to frequently update their website. It’s relatively easy to make an initial investment into a sparkly new website. However, maintaining that sparkle is the hard part. 

When was the last time you updated your website? Remember, your audience are visiting your website to seek information. You must ensure it is there, ready and waiting. You should regularly update your website content, no matter how dull it may seem. If Claire from accounts has made an exit, or your last fixture update is from the previous season, your bounce rate will be through the roof. 

Regularly updating your site also increases your chances of a high ranking in the search engine. Fresh content and news will improve your site relevancy, which will also help your ranking in Google. This means your website will be visible to more people. 

Not convinced? Here’s a good place to start…


Blog posts are an extremely powerful tool for increasing traffic to your website, they also encourage a new audience to visit and improve your company’s online presence. Creating valuable content within your niche will massively benefit you when it comes to SEO. It also creates trust between you and your potential customers. So, make sure to include a ‘Blog’ page to your website. All major website builders will allow for this feature. However, if you’re struggling, contact Key & Eagle and we can sort it for you. 

Include recent news. 

Keep your audience up to date with any recent news or changes within your company. Introduce new staff, talk about a new sponsorship you may have, a charity event, the list is endless. Stay connected with your audience and they will feel connected with you.

Add testimonials to your page. 

Positive testimonials from clients are a great tool when building trust with potential future customers. It may be the final push they need to get in touch and enquire about your services. Testimonials also offer great social proof that proves customers will receive good service. Our advice would be to dot these testimonials around your site, and keep them short and sweet. You don’t want to bore people, and nobody likes a show off either. 

Update your ‘About’ page.

Your about page is often the icing on the cake for a potential customer. Before they make an enquiry, they normally like to check the story behind the brand. This is where you make your impression, so make it count. Use this page to help your audience understand who you are as a brand. Talk about your history and the passion you have for the industry you operate in. Again, don’t bore people. A few engaging sentences should do the trick.

We hope this short guide has inspired you to keep your website fresh. Whether that be with a weekly blog, or via your latest news, we assure you it will pay off in the long run. As a company, we appreciate that finding the time to update your website can be tough. If you need a hand, you know where we are.