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Intelligent ads, closely monitored click-through and conversion rates are tied closely to your business’s profitability. Therefore, on a cost-per-click model the ability to spot a wastage is absolutely vital.

We are able to manage and tailor your ad campaign to target the right users, at the right time of day and lead customers to the ideal landing pages, whilst maintaining consistent cost-per-acquisition.

We constantly review your PPC campaign to not only match your target criteria, but to give your business the best return possible.

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Our Story

Key & Eagle Digital Media LTD started life in 2019, as the brainchild of two friends who combined have decades of experience in digital marketing & web development, and a passion to give small to mid size businesses the highest quality digital content.

Keywords & Spend

With forensic data analysis, we get to know your audience’s behaviour and how they use your services to spend your click budget wisely and effectively.

Campaign Build

By split testing varied ad groups, ad text and different calls to action from day one, we can refine our PPC strategies to gain better quality leads and increase click-throughs and conversions.

Tracking & Reporting

Constant campaign monitoring allows us make informed decisions, suggestions and to further refine your campaign.

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