Engaging content and social conversation have become a huge factor for consumers when it comes to purchasing online. As digital marketers, we create content for the purpose of attracting customers. However, modern consumers have now become sceptical of our constant promotional captions and videos. Why should they believe us?

So, how can brands reach out to customers in a natural and effective way? The answer is influencers. Influencer marketing has skyrocketed over the last couple of years due to its success for businesses. Usually, influencers have a niche, which brings with it a certain type of market. These markets can range from food to fitness to fashion, the list is endless. Influencers give you the ability to share your product or service in a new and inventive way to thousands of followers. With a high engagement rate, your product can be effectively shown to a huge and trusting audience. 

Despite the clear advantages of influencer marketing, it can be a waste of time if you chose the wrong ones. Whilst it’s tempting to choose your influencer based on following and engagement rates, it’s important to look deeper into each influencer to determine if they’re right for you and your business. To give you a helping hand, Key and Eagle have listed a number of things you should look out for when making your decision. 

Authenticity – Influencers who have a smaller number of sponsored content on their channels tend to be more trusted and appear more authentic in the eyes of the consumer. You are looking for people who offer their personal stories, and show genuine usage of the product/service. 

Engagement – Engagement rate is a great indicator into how interactive each influencer’s audience is with their content. Do you see a lot of comments, shares and reposts from their posts? If you can’t see any obvious signs of interaction on their posts, then why would you collaborate with them?

Audience – We recommend staying away from influencers who operate in numerous niches, as their audience is often diluted. A great place to start is micro-influencers. These are bloggers with smaller followings but are often the ones with the best engagement. They are also trusted by their audience. They are also easier to deal with as they’re genuinely interested in your brand. This means they are keen to grow their own network through high quality collaborations. 

Hopefully these few tips will encourage you to jump into the world of influencer marketing. If you have any more questions or need some help in finding the perfect influencer, head our way. The Key And Eagle team is happy to help.